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Become a Member

To join the JSCRCC fill out the application and submit it to the membership chairman as indicated on the form.  Dues are $50 and  are waived for juniors under 18.  You must be a U.S. citizen to join since flying is on government property and you must be an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) member (


Being a member of the AMA requires following some basic AMA and FAA rules.

--AMA members are required to take the  Recreational Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Safety Test (TRUST) available on the AMA website.

--The FAA’s Interim Final Rule requires drone and model aircraft pilots to display their FAA issued registration number on the outside surface of their aircraft. Register at

--Members that are interested in First Person View (FPV) flying should check out the AMA's eight basic steps of how to get started along with the rules.

The AMA link will provide the necessary details on the above requirements



Club By-Laws, Field and Safety procedures and other important information can be found in the Documents Page 

FCC Requirements and a copy of the JSCRCC- Ellington Letter of Agreement can also be found in the Documents page

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