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How to get access to JSC Flying field

Once the JSCRCC application is processed (allow 1-2 weeks)  your name will be included on the JSC security list used at the JSC entrance gate to allow access upon showing a photo ID (e.g. drivers license). Visiting relatives, friends and family guests can be accommodated by providing their names with two weeks’ notice. Young children riding with an adult member will be allowed onto the flying site.


To get to the flying field enter NASA/JSC property through security gate on Saturn Drive. Stop at the guard house and show a picture ID to the guard.  When cleared for entrance drive straight and turn left immediately after passing building 14 (first building you come to on the left).  This is the first street you come to that goes along the side of building 14.  Behind Building 14 you will see a two lane concrete road that goes to the flying field.  Stop at the stop sign and wait to be waived in by a member (if present). Do not drive in unless waived in when planes are flying.  

Flying is allowed week days 4 PM until dusk and all day on weekends and holidays.


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