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For questions about the website contact Charlie Teixeira at

User Agreement

   Since this website is privately owned by the JSCRCC and is operated by its duly elected officers and by website volunteers elected by the officers.  The Officers and Member volunteers, under a process approved by the Officers, have complete authority and responsibility to remove any and all items posted and deemed to be inappropriate to the JSC, to JSCRCC members, as socially offensive, or as possibly illegal.  Members will be notified by email by direct contact.

   By logging on to this website the member accepts full and complete responsibility for all postings made by that member. Members will be notified by automated email or direct contact of items removed from the JSCRCC  Website .  The members password will be blocked and the member instructed by email or direct contact to create a new, reasonably strong password.

   The nature and number of items removed will determine the degree of action imposed on the member by officers.  Penalties may range from warnings, to loss of access to the JSCRCC website, to loss of membership in the JSCRCC.

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